About Us

Married for over 30 years with 3 adult sons, Jack’s mission vision began at age 7.  As an adult, Jack ministered to the nations on 11 mission trips to Nicaragua, Haiti, and the Navajo Indians.  After the Fullers both survived cancer in 2011, they completed Overland Missions’ Advanced Missions Training in 2012.  Placed by Overland Missions in 2013 in ministry to rural villages in Southern Zambia, Beverlie and Jack reach neglected people with the gospel of Jesus Christ, biblical discipleship, and prayer for healing the sick.  Complementing ministry with humanitarian care leads to sustainability.

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Mission:  Jack and Beverlie Fuller are dedicated to a Christ-centered ministry of evangelism, Biblical discipleship, humanitarian care, and sustainability in Southern Zambia.  They empower the lives of village men, women, and children spiritually, educationally, and economically for a healthy, sustainable village community.


Jack And Bev.
Jack And Bev.

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