Our Work

“Our Work in Zambia with Overland Missions”
Jack and Beverlie Fuller

Our work as missionaries in Zambia, Africa is to meet the spiritual, physical, medical and educational needs in remote villages of the Southern Province.  Based in the farm town of Choma, we will use a 4-wheel drive vehicle, GPS, and camping gear to reach the rural villages of three chiefdoms, encompassing an area the size of Central Florida.

Our Work 2Evangelism

  • Hut-to-hut visitation and ministry in villages
  • Show “The Jesus” film in the native language of Tonga
  • Preach as visiting evangelists in the village churches

Our Work 1 Disipleship

  • Hold Bible study groups with the local men and one with the women
  • Bring the resources to mentor local pastors using Overland Missions’ Rural Pastors Network
  • Identify and train future church leaders to strengthen the next generation

Childrens ministry

  • Use Beverlie’s M. ED. to form relationships with principals/teachers in rural schools and to train them in effective methods of instruction in elementary and secondary education
  • Develop a village Christian preschool (LIFE Project by Overland Missions)

Humanitarian Care

  • Access and document the needs of each village: environmental to medical
  • Bring in farming consultants to educate local farmers in better agricultural practices  and animal husbandry (SAM Project)
  • Develop community relationships with Zambian officials in each chiefdom

Medical Needs

  • Beverlie is a harp practitioner with the International Harp Therapy Program  Offering therapeutic harp music  for ministry in village settings and rural medical clinics
  • Create a literacy missions ministry using English as a Second Language Curriculum
  • Pray for the sick for miraculous healings (See www.Overflowmag.com, Feb. 2013  digital issue 35, “Miracles of Love” – http://www.overflowmag.com/miracles-of-love/)

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